PUBG Voice Changer Apk Download

pubg voice changer apk
NamePUBG Voice Changer
Size7 Mb
GenreVoice Changer
Compatible with4.4 and up
  • Female Voice
  • Alien Voice
  • OP Voice
  • Funny Voice
  • Kid voice
  • Cool Voice
  • Male Voice

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What is PUBG Voice Changer

PUBG Voice Changer is a app that can allow a user to change their voice in real-time like if a male user is using a PUBG Voice Changer then he can change his voice to a female that can helps him to prank his friends.

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How Voice Changer Works in PUBG Mobile

You CANNOT use with apps running on the SAME device . 

Reason: Android does not allow two apps to use mic at same time – and doesn’t allow one app to send audio to another app.

Why the voice changer app needs to run on a separate android device than the device being used for Gaming

If you want to do voice changing during online gaming, the voice changer app should not be run on the same Android device that is being used for gaming. Android does not allow two apps to use the microphone/input at the same time.

This means if a Mobile Game is using the microphone already for voice chat, then a voice changer or audio recorder app running on the same Android device will not be able to get access to the microphone.

There is another reason as well – a voice changer app cannot inject it’s voice output into the input of another app like a Game on the same device.

For this reason, you need to run the pubg voice changer apk on a separate android device, and then use AUX cable and Y-splitter to connect to the Android Gaming device.

  • Plug in earphones and click Record (red buttton). Creates file AND outputs on earphones.
  • Click Live button (mic icon) to only output to earphones (NOT save to file).
  • Settings – Output Settings – Listen to Recording (Headset) setting is On by default. If headset/earphones are plugged in, it mirrors audio to that (make sure you plug in BEFORE you click Record/Live).

Each voice is individually customizable: You can create entirely new voices by simply adjusting the Pitch and Modulator settings for each voice! For example, you can use the Venomous voice to make a Lion’s roar type voice.

Click Reset to reset settings for that voice, or click Settings – Reset Settings to reset everything back to default settings.

Press Speak button to listen to samples that were created with the app. No copyrighted audio samples have been used

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