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Spotify Mod APK
VersionVaries with device
SizeVaries with device
GenreMusic & Audio
Compatible with4.4 and up
DeveloperSpotify AB
  • All the ads and hassles are removed.
  • Search bar is added
  • Audio equalizer is added
  • Shuffle button and offline download is added
  • No Ads
  • and more

How to Download And Install Mod Apk

To Download mod app

  • Click on Download Mod Apk button below
  • Wait 5 second
  • click on continue
  • download and install
  • enjoy your mod app

Spotify Mod APK Latest Version

Spotify is a free music platform available for android, ios and other is having countless songs, Albums, Authors, Playlists and many more that would be liked by the users. It is having a massive integration of social media platforms for quick sharing. Many links are available inside the Spotify app as well to share with friends. The AI based recommendation system would recommend songs according to the genre you listen to the most.

There are two versions of the Spotify app. One is a normal version which is available for free in which you can explore Limited things only. The other version is called Spotify Premium giving you access to all the resources.

Spotify Mod Apk is a go-to option for music lovers as it will give you all the premium resources for free. No need to buy any membership or in-app purchase. Everyday more than a million people come to this app to explore music and music related reels

Download: CapCut Mod Apk Download

Mod Features Of Spotify Mod APK

  • any  commercial interruptions have been removed when listening to podcasts,music,  or a radio show. 
  • You can listen to music directly from any artist, on any device or system, at any time with Spotify Mod APK.
  • You can save music and songs for later use.
  • Listen to high quality crystal clear music at Spotify (320kbps Music)
  • Get personalized recommendation or Artificial intelligence based recommendation by Spotify..
  • All the ads and hassles are removed.
  • Search bar is added
  • Audio equalizer is added
  • Shuffle button and offline download is added
  • Podcasting is allowed
  • Enhanced cross platform mechanism
  • Mod gives you back the “Display Lyrics Option” (was available on free version earlier)
  • Unlimited repeats.
  • Supports different file types like mp3, m4p, mp4 ,wav etc…
  • Queue feature is unlocked
  • Filters can be used to search for specific song
  • Auto play and google account login is still supported.
  • Unlimited skips (limited to two skips in free version)
  • Removed Various Cosmetic Features in this mod
  • Dark Amoled Theme (Night Theme)
  • Also gives you the opportunity to become an artist by giving you access to the Spotify Premium Artist Account.
  • (note: Rooting the device is not required)

Free Features of Spotify Mod APK

  1. Compatible on almost all platforms. You can listen to music directly on,  a software for PC or Mac is available, or through Smartphone apps…
  2.  Has the ability to automatically suggest great songs via Artificial intelligence. 
  3.  Decent interface 
  4. easy to use.
  5.  High quality music and songs but the songs are fully copyrighted.
  6.  Unlike Netflix terms and policy, here Spotify has a free plan.
  7.  The premium subscription is pretty costly.
  8.  The feature of lyrics displaying is not supported.
  9.  Spotify is only available in limited countries.


“We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.”

Spotify premium mod apk ensures that no personal data or belongings that the user entered into the app is misused or hacked/shared with any third parties. Keeping data confidential is the utmost priority of Spotify Mod APK. Playlists are kept hidden but you can share them with your friends!

Final verdicts

Spotify Mod APK has been downloaded many times because of fast and reliable service. The mod offers a lot of cool features that are otherwise not available in the free version. All the services of Spotify costs around 10$ that is a fair charge though.Spotify gives you a door to million songs <3.

Spotify Won 3 Awards Consecutively!

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