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Plague Inc.
NameDiamond rush
Size50 Mb
Compatible with4.4 and up
DeveloperDiamond Fan
  • Unlocked Genes
  • Unlocked Plagues
  • NoAds

The concept behind Plague Inc Premium APK is to relate the spread of infections throughout the world. It is an Android game created by Miniclip INC. The part where you may infect or collect a person’s DNA makes the game feel like a fantastic game about being a villain.

In order to destroy humanity, you must spread viruses called “pathogens.” APK provides a wide range of experience, from strengthening your infection to creating strategies.

You can, however, use higher-level plagues from the very beginning if you have the premium version. Syncing with Google Play Games saves all game records and achievements.

Download Plague Inc Premium APK

From the above link, you can download the most recent version of the Plague inc premium. Additionally, we update our download links within 24 hours of the developer releasing the latest version of the app. Check the site regularly and let me know if you have any questions.


  • User Interface – Realistic graphics with an intuitive user interface.
  • Large Concept – Its numerous parameters make it more interesting.
  • Achievements – You can track progress with a detailed accomplishments view.
  • DNA Counts – You increase your level by counting the DNA.
  • Unlocked Plagues – It’s now possible to make diseases with all the plagues unlocked.
  • Unlocked Genes – you can add an unlocked gene to an existing plague.
  • Game Difficulty – Casual, Normal, and Brutal are the three-game difficulties.
  • Map View – Besides offering interesting statistics and news, it offers a map view of infected people and more.
  • How To Play – You can improve your game with this guide.


You start the game by deciding which Plague to infect, such as Bacteria. Unlike the spread of bacteria, the cure of bacteria is straightforward. The news and updates around that will be available as soon as the infection begins.

There will be scientists and doctors working together from all over the world to find remedies for fighting germs. It takes different types of plague-like viruses, fungus, parasites, and more to cause people to be infected and increase DNA points.

Furthermore, it would be best if you also established some strategies that will undermine the research and medical efforts. For a better plan of action, the laboratory explains the positives and negatives of all the plagues.

How To Download & Install Plague Inc Premium APK?

Requirements For Plague Inc Premium

  • 100 MB of free storage.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • Android 5.0 or above.

Step #1. By clicking the link above, you will download the APK file.

Step #2. Make sure Unknown Resources is turned on in Settings > Security.

Step #3. Install the apk file in the Downloads folder of the File Manager App.

Step #4. Once you have launched the game, it will prompt you to install Google Play Games (if you have not already done so) – tap OK.

Step #5. Select the plague type, select the difficulty level, enter a name for the disease, and then click Play.

Step #6. As soon as you’re finished, you’re ready to infect people. By tapping a country, you can spread your pathogens around the world.

Step #7. You will increase your level based on your DNA counts and game progress.


That is the most significant concept parameter I have ever experienced in any game. In addition, games that are based upon reality are pretty tempting. With time, Plague Inc premium APK will receive all of its updates and extra features. Would you recommend it to others?

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